Otherworld Patron- The Eye Tyrant (V 0.2)

So a couple thoughts and comments : - You are right about confusion for sure. WI be swapped out -The Antimagic field I'd like to see actually tested and implemented. The difference between an hour duration and a minute duration is huge, especially in the environments where Antimagic field is strong(handling magical traps and dismissing extra planar monsters). Bladelock is already in a rough spot as is, and Im not convinced this option aids their combat. They lose out on their extra attack feature, as their weapon is treated as mundane and not their pact weapon. Il definitely concede it's very early access to Antimagic, and the majority of encounter breaking could come from events outside of combat. I think the option is less powerful than you think, but you might be right. If you compare it more to Dispel magic it's rather weak imo. -Fire ray scaling in damage is something I've thought about. Rays of the beholder is intended to balance this feature into the later levels, as opposed to scaling the first level features. Balanced against weapon attacks, 4d6 is averaging around the same damage as a 2d6 great sword with a +1 wielded by a character with +5 strength (14/13). Rolling that result in later levels obviously isn't optimal, but it still does a fair chunk of damage. When used in combination with other abilities with the 14th level feature, it starts to share power levels with spells like Erupting Earth, and can be used every round.

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