Our main problem is...

We are able to (and will be able to) enjoy our best meta experiences thanks to these annoying people.

Like hell. I've been enjoying 3D worlds since 2006, from Second Life and World of Warcraft to Rec Room and VR Chat, and look forward to the many future "centralized" options that will be made available. Sandbox and Decentraland just aren't good. The fact that they are valued in the billions is because people flip coins, not because people are playing these games. They just need the "hope" that there is a reason their crypto coin will go up and not down. It doesn't even matter if facts support the hype.

I'm just very proud of being part of a community here that can help to consistently knock down facebook's bullshit and Decentraland's hype, and will continue to upvote anything else that's not.

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