Plz dm me if you feel lonely ik I sound like a loser but just know that I feel the same as you do and want nothing but happiness for others ♥️ we got this I know we can do it :(

I just feel bad about others rather than my self I know what it’s like to go through things like these so I want to help as much as possible but I just feel like I’m not doing enough am I wrong for feeling this way? I know you guys are just random people but help I feel lost, yeah I have so much people who support me but yet I feel so lost am I the only one who feels like this, I know I sound like a lunatic but redit is the only place I can vent yeah you don’t know me I don’t know you but I guess that’s for our good let me tell you a bit about my self and why you are not alone my dad is an asshole and I’m 18 still trying to defend him from my mom all I need is some hope :( life sucks but I know things will get better but I’m scared of giving up at any time

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