"off-world vehicles not made on Earth"

Thousands of years of advancement... yawn.

It would be like trying to describe RADAR[k] to those Egyptians that invented the DARK-RA. "You see, ours it totally different than the All Seeing Eye of Ra, because we switched the order of the words and the K is silent now".

Or the ancient egyptians explaining to the pre-dynastic egyptians how the all seeing Eye of Horus / Dark RA, is different than the all seeing Eye of Wedjat... No, you see... our radar is named after a sun god, not a green atmospheric event in the luminiferous aether or papyrus plants.

Sorry, can't have super advanced aliens today if you outlaw their technology's existence even a few thousand years ago. Can't have "wildly impossible to understand tech" that hasn't changed in thousands of years and claim future tech will be totally different. it would be like an ancient Egyptian trying to explain to Tesla how morse code is just digits for djet towers.

Sorry: There is nothing new under the sun.

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