r/Stellar Daily Chat - Wednesday January 30, 2019

I can not find anything of use here in Japan for Stellar! I BOUGHT COMPUTERS WITH BITCOIN, I WENT A RESTAURANT AND USED MONACOIN but I can not buy Stellar here, the more I use it anywhere! Workmanship of Filipinos, Chinese, Brazilians, Koreans, Peruvians and several other nationalities and is a means of using Stellar? If you have not know how to use here! information in magazines about these shipments does not exist! Airdrop who is here can not participate! Several initiatives are coming out and nothing comes up Stellar! Who knows how to make these shipments please inform me! Also about the Marketing that has here! I wish I could tell others how to use this coin! Today I feel like an idiot who held the coin since it cost 5600 satoshis and with something of no use! If I'm missing something please let me know! Sorry for the mistakes because my language is Portuguese!

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