Rashida Jones

The fact that my post will most likely never be read by her is not important to me since it was a precautionary measure - I created it knowing full well this - yet, everyone is bewildered and stunned why I would expend such energy. NONE of you seem to have the capacity to even consider that it was my pleasure, a secret delight of mine. I pretended for a moment, just a moment, that I WAS her and felt put off, thinking: wouldn't it be nice if a person here defended me BLINDLY. I was willing to do this.

Philosophers in universities and colleges across the world debate ideal states to imagine a perfect way of understanding our world and philosophies of being (for example: I think, therefore I am) - we know that a lot is dropped in the process (the platonic solids like cubes and pyramids, for example, were not advanced enough to conceptualize the rough surfaces of real reality. In the late 70s, Mandelbrot reduced something seeming rough yet pure at the same time - a fractal, the great Mandelbrot set - a simple equation consisting of eternities. This is a sort of rational reductionist filter and it's obvious to anyone who reads me knowing more than me that I come from the German school of Romantic Idealism, i.e., that of Rousseau, not Locke (although I'm working on something new which uses both).

That's enough for me, I think, in this thread. And thank you very much for the compliment, I am happy if just one person says I'm NOT deranged, insane, some feverish little man going mad in a closet somewhere, never-mind if they say I'm 'okay' at anything in this dreadful context - no wonder everyone's depressed - just look at the replies I'm getting now, I mean, come on?

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