Regarding the theory that progression is slowed in the current game

If you find a link to the BFront 2 Eula, sure.

I only found one to the classic Battlefront 2 via steam

from 2014, but even this one says (Under point 4. Paid transactions)

" Your purchase of a virtual item or in-game currency is a payment for a limited, non-assignable license to access and use such content or functionality in the Disney Services. Virtual items (including characters and character names) or in-game currency purchased or available to you in the Disney Services can only be used in connection with the Disney Services where you obtained them or where they were developed by you as a result of game play. These items are not redeemable or subject to refund and cannot be traded outside of the Disney Services for money or other items for value. We may modify or discontinue virtual items or in-game currency at any time."

Soooo... This is for a game that literally doesn't even feature MTX. And yet it has this clause, courtesy of Disney acquiring star wars. So I'm sure if Disney alone made that phrase for a game which doesn't even include MTX, Disney and EA surely won't neglect it in a game that has.

Additionally, from the Origin Terms of Sale

  1. Pricing and Tax

"When you purchase EA Content from EA, the price payable is the price indicated at the time of purchase, and you agree to pay all fees specified plus all applicable sales and/or use taxes, GST or VAT that EA assesses on your purchase (the "Purchase Price")."

Probably isn't really applicable since we're talking about ingame currency, but worth the mention anyway.

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