Star wars battlefront 1 2004 i always thought the cis was OP

I just wish more people knew how to use the Droideka in the new Battlefront. The Droids are more powerful than the clones. It’s just a matter of lack in player knowledge that holds them back. If everyone knew how to use the Droideka rightfully so, we’d see so many more victories for the Separatists. There’s ways as to how further read below after I talk about the clones a bit.

For the Clones; aside from learning to utilize the Clone Commando’s middle ability correctly and knowing that the ARC’s Grenade is also a shock Grenade, the Clone side is pretty straightforward in how to use them. You just have to ask yourself why it seems like even noobs are far better at being reliable teammates on the Clones’ side. Why is that?

Going back to the Droids and you have people never touching the Droideka again after one time because they see them as weak. When in reality, they’re unknowingly using them severely wrong, expecting that they can use the Droideka on the frontlines in a live online PvP setting where real-life minds fight you and not choreographed Clone Troopers. It makes sense that your shield would go down so quickly as a result of grabbing the collective attention of said-PvP players on the frontlines. Especially if they’re using unlocked weapons against you. If something like a Droideka, with it’s lethal middle ability used in close combat, sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s gonna get collectively shot at. Longtime players know what the middle ability is capable of, so you bet your butt you’ll be prioritized like you’re an Avengers’ Level Threat. …Instead, you got to take advantage of that online aspect given it’s the reason the Droideka CANNOT act like it’s Media counterparts, and use your mobility to get around, be stealthy, and defeat enemies with acts of deception. Kill them from behind, even. Or make it your specific job to act like a Predator Drone from the U.S. military and single out lone Reinforcement units and pockets of regular soldiers. That’s what I do. Doing so makes it really hard for the enemy team to build a big group for any pushes they might try. Your job as a Droideka in this Battlefront 2 is to Hunt and Usurp, and given you can have up to 5 Droidekas spawn at the same time if nobody else is another Reinforcement unit, IMAGINE the devastation if you had 5 of these with that same Predator Drone playstyle mentality. The Droids would win way more on this Battlefront.

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