Is it rude or am I just uninformed?

There are definitely reasons to refuse to bid someone, even based on how they look or act.

If a PNM is acting in a way that would get the sorority in trouble (like grades too low which can get the glo on probation), that would be an excellent reason.

Getting into a sorority is very similar to real world applying for a job. If you look like a disinterested a-hole, we probably won't extend a bid to you.

PS any one who would openly call your roommate "bottom of the barrel" to you is probably the same kind of person who wouldn't get a bid (if that behavior was known about ahead of time) or would be constantly in meetings with the sorority's officers due to behavioral concerns.

I'm not sure why you would note if she's "conventionally pretty" or not. What matters is that she's clearly "conventionally petty."

So yeah. Call us elitists. :) I do not apologize for standing up for good character and expecting others to do the same. I also won't apologize for seeing how you dress as a reflection of the amount of respect given to someone else (IE don't come to rush or a job interview in pajamas).

If expecting common decency and maybe a slightly higher standard of "don't be a drama queen" and "you're paying for your degree so study" makes me pretentious, then I proudly wear the badge.

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