Call to Action

This isn’t a black and white issue and it’s become so polarizing. There are a lot of pro-choice voters who would agree that in some circumstances, abortion is not the moral or lawful choice. There are also a lot of pro-life individuals who understand that there are some circumstances where ending the pregnancy is the most moral or lawful choice. There are sisters on both sides of this issue, but most of us, when we actually discern for ourselves, will find ourselves somewhere in the middle. It’s such a polarizing time and the last thing we need is even more separation and arguments. I’d love to see NPC and/or sororities host live, virtual forums where sisters can speak to each other on current issues and see how we can move forward together as a unit and better understand each other in an approachable, open forum. I think that could be a really productive opportunity to grow and find common ground through our shared love for our organizations.

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