I saw this post on FB for Russian fermented garlic, does anyone have a recipe?


I guess unless you study enough science feels a lot like faith.

~Cop-out reasoning. I feel stupid.

Then when you do study enough you confirm that belief.

~Feels much the same, and I still feel stupid.

Am I one of those people that is crazy enough to think they are dead, but they're alive, or even worse the opposite?





How deep does solipsism go? Am I real? Am I only real while I can have realizations, or the moment I start to let my mind idle I become nothing? Is that why we dream? Dreams occur whether or not you are aware of them. Am I aware of myself? Am I everybody playing out each role as I see fit?


I think therefore I am. Is that an existentialist question, puzzle, answer, revelation? Perhaps it's a challenge?

Does it matter if we exist in a simulation? Does that change anything? Certainly we proceed with careful forethought and trepidation while bound by circumstance with lasting repercussion. That is the caveat. The crux.

I don't think I want to be here anymore. I'm not sure anybody really does at the end of the day.

Sweet entropy find me unfettered and without want save for your grace.


Have a pleasant existence, know that I'm rooting for you.

Drunk and feeling lost. Cheers, mofos

Will likely delete this tomorrow, enjoy

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