Just a reminder that Kanye still does not get the fish sticks joke

Nah, it's a reference to how Carlos Mencia's dick don't work and he has to piss in a bag.

He played at a comedy club I worked at once. After the show, he went into the public bathroom (despite having a private one in the green room). The staff had just cleaned it before Mencia went in, and they checked it afterwards just in case he left a mess. And he did.

You know those sheets of paper that some public restrooms have to put over the toilet? There was a metal dispenser to hold those mounted to the wall, but it was empty at the time. (https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/311Av-cCLJL._AC_SY350_.jpg) Mencia must have confused it with a trash can, like the little ones for tampons. Mencia detached his piss filled plastic bag and shoved it in that slot. My guys had to fish it out and move it to the real trashcan.

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