Scam Alert - Godfinex and PETC ICO is a scam!

I am a Victim of the Bitcoin SCAM and PONZI SCHEME, I was allowed to Withdraw some little cash which i think i was lured to earn their trust which i fall for it so i Decided to Invest more cash into my BTC account.After Yeilding lot of money on my investment i decided to Withdraw some cash for other Business but i was unable to withdraw my cash..I contacted their customer for help but got no reply then i knew it was SCAM.I had to act fast to i contacted an Ethical Hacker Immediately to recover my Stolen Crypto.He hacked into the Wallets and Showed me all the stolen funds in the Ponzi scheme accounts.I am not only their Victims. there are Millions of Victims.(RIPUTECH Or WhatsApp ‪+1 (909) 206‑6273‬) Helped me recovered my stolen funds.If you have Similiar Problem you can contact @RIPULTECH INSTAGRAM..He will help you recover your stolen funds, You all show beware of those PONZI SCHEME Scam.They are everywhere.

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