I have big red and raised hypertrophic scars (keloids) on my one arm and upper chest. These are from a spot on my arm that I had biopsied and it triggered some collagen/fiber reaction that produced these nasty scars. People would ALWAYS stare at them and ask a bunch of judgy, intrusive questions. So I stopped wearing tank tops or and shirt that wasn't crew neck or higher because I hated my scars. Not because they were scars but because of what other people thought of them. I spent hundreds on creams/lotions that would lessen their appearance or mask their appearance completely. None of them really worked. It wasn't until a friend shared that quote with me that I realized fuck everyone else and their judgy opinions on my scars. I started wearing ANY shirt I wanted and when people point out my scars or make judgy comments about them I'm all, "Yup. They're mine and they're beautiful."

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