Shame on the Defense Attorneys!

I’ve been thinking about this. Chad Frese claimed today that the testimony CBR gave in court was the same story he had been telling the Frese’s since the beginning. If that’s true, then it seems that by choosing to save this testimony until late in the jury trial, rather than advising/assisting the defendant in having his claims raised during the investigation, the defense attorney actually did the defendant a disservice.

If the story were true, then these claims could have been more meaningfully examined if they were raised during the investigation. The Frese’s would have known this. A lot more attention would have been given to DJ’s cell phone data to further prove his alibi, for example, had investigators been given additional compelling reasons to look further. Investigators would have been eager to either corroborate or disprove such a story. Waiting to bring this story up at the end of the jury trial kind of leaves you a day late and a dollar short. There was now no additional time now to recall witnesses and try to effectively disprove the claims. Had these claims been raised before, the investigators would have

This is, of course, assuming that it was the attorney’s idea to save this testimony until now. If CBR is the one who wanted to wait and make these claims late in the trial, then it would suggest to me he was intentionally waiting because he wanted to try to obfuscate the facts at the last minute, knowing that his story was bogus.

It seems kind of telling to me that the Frese’s didn’t call any witness that actually served to prove CBR’s story. All their witnesses were designed to do was raise the possibility of foul play. To cast doubt. Which, of course, is their job. But if they have had and believed CBR’s story from the beginning, it seems there was far more they could have done.

Seems to me that there’s still that ever so small chance that CBR could really be that innocent-yet-foolish yes-man that the defense wanted us to believe he is. And maybe he just received bad counsel from the defense that ruined every chance of his story ever being properly investigated. And I wonder now if it results in some sort of appeal on that basis.

All that being said, I still believe all the evidence we have points to a guilty verdict. There’s just that little part of my mind that says if this story had come forth earlier, things would have been investigated differently. But again, there‘s a very real chance that CBR and his defense never actually *wanted* his claims investigated thoroughly, because if you’re lying, the last thing you want is for investigators to look deeper.

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