she's back with more

Compromise is a part of life yeah but so is knowing what you want. It's 1000% valid for you to want to have a more mellow life it's just also valid for her to want to have an active life.

I don't think she needs to compromise her activities to do activities other people want to do as long as she is willing to accept that in doing so she will limit the amount of people who want to interact with her. You say a life filled with those activities lead to burnout but I ask does it lead to burnout for every human or just for people so relate to your way of operating within the world? Have you noticed her burnout?

I mean, you know irl and I'm probably just projecting here but based on that text I don't think she's being different or quirky just for the sake of it; I think she genuinely enjoys a busy lifestyle and is complaining about how hard it is to find like minded people.

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