Taking all terrible suggestions

allow me the worse OI tropes that I wish could be changed

the transmigration and reincarnation trope, it's been repeated so many times in every story .as it always has a girl in modern world reincarnate/transmigrate as a different person , So I think having the protagonists receive the knowledge or visions from their modern counterpart when they read the novel or game by sharing their soul would do instead

Regression trope it's also repetitive as well

Cold duke/cold-hearted male leads , almost every OI story has them

so I think the love interest should be an honest person or some common person from commoner families or middle class instead

falling in love and be easily attracted to someone type.

It should have the female lead and the male lead s start off as friends and later have their relationship grow into lovers

nobles/princess and royalty/highers class m it was used in every OI stories so I think its better to have the protagonist be the one from the working class,commoner class and middle class instead and focus on them but be on the side of the nobles who are honest to them.

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