Sorry to say this but i think portals were not implemented

Is anyone going through the RAW paste data? It's all prompts from operational portals. It's insane.

The stars reveal their secret.<lf><lf>I have discovered a new world within the infinite void.

This leads me to believe you have to WARP to a particular portal. From there, it gets really lengthy:

I'd really suggest going to the RAW paste data in the pastebin to read this, there's a lot.

It’s the time of day that this mysterious site becomes active. A beam of light shines down from the sky and is focused by ancient glyphs onto a stone surface marked with ancient carvings.<lf><lf>The beam of light slowly traces towards images scratched into the stone. A vast warrior battle, an alien city and what could be a stolen treasure. The hand prints of pilgrims cover each one... Hirk took the treasure of Nal after battle. Treasure now hides in the city of Hirk. Touch battle image Touch city image Touch treasure image The beam of light disappears.<lf><lf>I am left alone in this desolate place. The image of the city begins to glow.<lf><lf>A part of an ancient treasure becomes mine. A sudden pulse of destructive energy flows through my exosuit. My multi-tools sensors sense another build-up of energy growing deep within the monolith. It will soon unleash itself on me, and the landscape that surrounds the ancient site.<lf><lf>I can use my Protection Mesh functions to dampen the imminent energy wave, but systems are too overwhelmed to identify it... Warning! Keep clear! Ancient radiation pulse site! Prepare to absorb radiation Prepare to absorb toxins The radiation wave is absorbed and the site made safe once again.<lf><lf>The planetary overseer is grateful. I am overwhelmed by the energy wave.<lf><lf>Systems cannot cope and planetary ecosystems are disrupted. I am suddenly underwater. I am drowning. Water clogs my lungs. My chest is on fire. I gasp for air where there is none, and feel only tepid liquids filling me inside and out. My vision is clouding. I know this is my time. This is it. This is what it feels like.<lf><lf>Suddenly, a green hand thrusts itself through the surface of the water. The light is fading. Warrior accepts journey's end. Embrace death. Reach for hand Die I reach for the hand, but it pushes me back down.<lf><lf>Reality reverts. I live, but have disappointed. The lights go out. Reality reverts.<lf><lf>I have known death, and it makes me stronger. The ancients bless me. The ancient spirits that reside here reward me. My journey has been blessed by an ancient force. The Portal opens... The Portal remains closed

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