Still no notice to parents

Okay so you are one of these characters who has to have the last word, cool...congrats karen.

But just give me one thing, please give some respect and a shout out to the millions of people who work in retail that you dissed on your witty throwaway line 'Lonely Wafer, quit yourself, get a retail job'. The people that work in retail do so so that they can put food on the tables for their families and enrich their lives. I have never worked in retail but I have and show respect for any people who want to work to get money for their family.

In essence we are working in retail in our roles with DaDa. We sell a product or service on behalf of a large company so do you think you can show some respect and maybe zip up that comment? You can do it, its easy from the comfort of your little home and keyboard.. okay so your turn for the last word....go...

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