Telepathy Please Explain

The things with astral vary a lot because of also things like aphantasia and who understands it. The fact that this as such large prominence in the population to varying degrees on a spectrum, has a lot to do with it. Along with another larger wrapper of their observed imagination which might have problems with it.

The only times noticing such is fact that it is happening is a wake up call usually and how telepaths use such. Really great problem because actually showing such is how they use such to manipulate thing too when not aware of them.

I have had little astral experiences but since it's only ever had that sort of depth before for short times. They only end up usually being enough to know they are there. But realistically speaking most would be able to go without it and not know about it their whole lives and never realize such.

I have never had experiences like the above of deeply traveling through such to others. In actuality I have never had an actual truly AP experience like the above you describe with my own consciousness, the only thing generally observing it. I have had slightly odd experiences at times of having visions. However not like this.

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