There is a (F)irst for everything

Hi /u/EntertainmentNo80 - mod here - please do a 3+ picture verification album post to help confirm this is you.

The basics:

  • use black ink on single sheet of white paper

  • clearly print your exact account name, the name of this subreddit, and today's full date (include the year and a non-numeric/written month, like 'September 19 2021' or 'Sep 19 21').

  • take 3+ pictures of you holding the sign, bending the paper slightly in your fingers, with visible nudity in multiple pictures

  • upload them to a single album on or (note: if you are using the reddit mobile app you can now upload multiple pictures to a single post -- that is fine for verifications). if using imgur, do NOT publish it to their public gallery

  • make a 'link' post on this subreddit that links directly to the album with 'verification' or 'verify' (and correct gender tags) in the title

  • wait until a mod responds on your verification post before posting here further (it may take a few hours, please be patient)


Nudetorial (w/ pictures!):

(if you need help, or don't hear from mods within 4 hours of posting it, please use the message-the-moderators link in the sidebar, we do not always see comment responses in these cases)

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