These shake proof washers. They’re A2 stainless steel and used in food processing industry mostly. They’re not a cheap item either.

You might be a germaphobe if....

Look buddy, every time you open a door, the inside of your spic-and-span-oh-so-clean house is washed with a fresh breeze containing dirt, grunge, bacteria, virii, at least a few tiny insects, vapours from unburned petroleum or just off gassing from the siding of your house, the roof tiles, the asphalt, and the halitosis and the farts of your neighbours.

Everytime the furnace kicks in, everything gets kicked up again and stirred around. And you breathe some of it in. Other bits end up in your cupboards, your fridge(every time you open it), the milk jug and butter, your bag of bread.

Every time you open your dishwasher, you apply ick to the contents. And it's warm, wet, and glass and plastic are not inimical to the growth of bacteria.

Every time you pull a "clean" glass out of the "clean" cupboard, or straight from the dishwasher, it gets a wash of air containing all these things, plus the microscopic bits of crud that just didn't wash off. Don't forget the dead skin cells that everyone sheds, pets included.

The water out of your tap is as clean as the city deems worth making it, but there is always always more. Whether its been sitting in your water lines unused for a year, or just five minutes, its not perfectly clean. Nothing ever is. Have you scrubbed the inside of your house plumbing lately?

Neither has that fifty year old icecream place.

Every little seam on every flange and every weld on every bit of kitchen equipment has the same chance of harbouring all sorts of the icky stuff you're overly concerned about. That further in there is a washer with some serrations doesn't change reality much at all.

Every time some pimply faced youth changes the semen like goop in the milkshake machine, it gets a waft of whatever floated in with the clientele, including you, plus skin flakes and pimple pus off McJunior's face, maybe a few eyebrow mites, (hopefully only) microscopic flakes of dried snot, and some fibres off his uniform.

There is no such thing as uncontaminated. There is only clean enough. The point of cleaning is to get contamination low. Even that fresh paper towel was exposed to the air inside of a paper mill. They are factory clean, but not medically clean. Have you ever been in one?

You have ingested things like salmonella plenty of times in your life, its just that the load is low enough that your immune system deals with it.

Now quit being a nitpicking arsehole and get on with life.

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