Thoughts about Tim Gunn's commentaries in the press?

Mercy win? So rude. Yall are the same people who say this person only won because theyre black or gay or poc. Just cos you personally dont agree. As a chubby girl i liked a lot of her clothes and a lot of chubby girls do, I also thought it was a bold move.

She also gave herself an extra challenge, all you have to do is look at this season and how noone ever picks the chubs because its more work but she did a whole collection and as a chub myself i liked it.

Yall are allowed to have a different opinion, you dont have to be so rude about it. Same with tim sayin it was just tokenism. Was not only unprofessional but just mean. Just shows how fashion sees chubby/normal girls when its something to take pity or used as tokenism when in actuality the bodies of the girls on her runway is what the majority of women look like an having PR fashion finally include that it SHOULD be considered a plus and SHOULD give her points in her favour in the same way the judges talk about wearabiliy on themselves.

Again you dont have to agree with my opinions on the collection etc. But if your that rude keep it to yourself. Oh and she very clearly could sew, again why saysomething so rude and dismissive about someone who being a designer is their livelihood, if instead you said you feel like she could of shown more technical ability and done more complex designs, that would be a fair thing to say.

Instead of just being like she cant sew and only won cos shes a fatty who makes clothes for fatties an they felt sorry for her. Like really....

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