Twilight Princess HD -- Bump Mapping and Specular Lighting Is Here!

This is all kind of new [to me anyways]... I checked out one of their dev feeds and they claim its only about " Version Alpha .3". They seem to have ambitious plans for this project, and it's still possible it never gets released. I got sort of an alpha political vibe from that dev feed... But it is their work to do what they want with. I think right now they are trying to drum up attention, and they are asking for donations.

Just from what I have followed about other community made Zelda repacks is its a hell of a lot of work, and then they don't always get the appreciation they deserve. In fact other Zelda Texture artists have been harassed to the point where they just quit doing it. So I think that is why they are doing this teaser stuff, and we do not have an ETA of when it will be finished.

With that said, I recently played through TP in Dolphin (which is my second playthrough, first was on wii release) and I used a combination of Tamoya's previously released texture pack (which he claims to be a 30% retexture, and Victor Rosa's textures (He puts his around 80%, but he quit too). And I loved it so much more than my initial Wii playthrough. The game is really good, and I thought it looked great... Not as good as the vid, but still great. I youtubed much of that playthrough if you would like to see what the different areas look like or what's possible with community content right now. Links to those packs are included above.

The game itself is fantastic... One of my all time favorites. So yea, I think it's worth playing now. But this specular lighting stuff looks like it will be worth the wait.

Ugh, I don't think I made the decision any easier did I...

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