Dolphin Ishiiruka 9 4K Material Light Map Processing Showcase - Twilight Princess Forest Temple

Insane Slugs pack was used as sort of a base template but I have modified it pretty heavily. Personally I prefer realism over art style (unless that art style is strictly adhered to and uniform). For the most part Insane Slug nailed the realistic look better than any other pack IMO but there are still tons of "loose ends" like lower quality or missing textures in his pack. No sense retexturing the whole game with realistic textures again when most of his are so damn good so I have slowly been updating his pack with material maps in addition to tying up those loose ends as I go. Additionally some of his original textures did not compliment 3d maps and were replaced with textures that do.

i have played through both of Tamoya's packs and they have been great. The dude is a very talented and ambitious artist. But art interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe I am just very picky but there were way too many textures and surfaces in both his old and new packs that I just could not stand. No offense to him or his team. Its a hell of a lot more difficult to adhere to any one art style than it is to just paint everything in real pictures. Even harder to conform to an art style that the majority of potential consumers will appreciate. Only a very select few paid dev studios can even get that right and they have recruited the best artists in the world to dedicate their lives to it. For a team of hobbyist volunteers working on the project in their spare time tamoyahd is very impressive and I can't wait to see their finished release. But IMHO this game just seems much better suited for the realistic look with maybe some artistic accents where it compliments the story (Ie portals and twilight realm accents conforming to the zelda brand).

Additionally I think 3d material maps compliment the realistic look much better than the artistic look... In fact up until botw there have been a grand total of 0 games with an aesthetically pleasing artistic look that even implement any kind of 3d texture mapping.

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