The Ukraine government is now considering building a bitcoin mining center to use the country’s excess nuclear power.

I thought it was really interesting to hear Ross Stevens talking in Michael Saylors conference the other day, he said something really profound about energy usage and bitcoin mining. Basically words to the effect that up until now we've always moved the power to where the people are, and as you can only transport electricity about 500 miles it means there are a lot of 'trapped' green energy sources such as waterfalls which could be tapped for bitcoin mining in the future as you don't need to worry about energy transport infrastructure, only information, which could be a satellite connection. He predicted that settlements could grow around these new green bitcoin mining centres in the future. Really interesting stuff.

I wonder if you could go one step further and launch a network of solar powered mining satellites in low earth orbit. Without atmospheric attenuation solar panels are much more efficient in space. Probably cost prohibitive at the moment, but as bitcoin price goes up could be an interesting idea. It would further decentralise the network too...

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