unpopular produce opinions?

My Ranking of Move and Special Girl are also down there

My pdx concept evaluation ranking:

Even though SSG had my picks at the time, I think the choreo, as well as the stage design, as well as the camera work, as well as the white outfits which made the background stand out more than the members themselves for SSG made it super unmemorable. There was one part that stood out to me as awkward; the "I go I go crazy" wasn't aggressive enough to me. I also thought their voices weren't bright and nasally (?) enough so it didn't add the right energy to the song. Which, SSG was my favorite song from the previews. The stage just had a different interpretation of the song so I didn't like it as much.

As for Move, I similarly thought the choreo was really awkward: "the yeah yeah yeah part", Kookheon's arm part, the umjigyeo swinging arms. Also, when you had all of these strong performers in one group, they kind of clashed with each other imo. So, I thought there was a lack of synergy. Also, I had really high expectations for both of these performances so that might be part of the reason they were underwhelming for me. A lot of people said Move was a performance song but I really disagree. I think it's much better as something to listen to.

Since these are concept evaluation, I didn't judge based on individual member performances but how the performance looked overall: whether it had synergy and whether it fit the song well. A lot of it had to do with the performance's design and interpretation.

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