Unsure if I have what it takes to make WebDev my living -- please help :(

 I get exactly where you're coming from, Rijiiii. I'm currently 3 semesters away from achieving my bachelors and I too feel that Academia doesn't do justice in teaching how to be a programmer for today's business standards. After all, many academic institutions hope to assume that you'll continue down their graduate program, up to their PhD if anything; I digress. 

Saturdayplace (Cool name ;)), soothing post. I'm sort of in the middle most phase of your telling, relative speaking. But to OP, I'm currently working with a client I met at a Starbucks. He overheard me explaining some iOS webkit + NodeJS + Heroku details and he ended up asking if I was a Web Developer.. - At that moment I said yes ( but thought..  damn.., I've only just made a simple SPA with google's web starter kit after discovering nodejs & took 2 years of Web Design in high school a million years ago and not even consecutively, Freshman, and Senior Lol), did a few courses in Codecademy, learned HTTP basics...; imposter syndrome I'd say! 

But I marketed myself, showed my client my SPA deployed on Heroku, talked the talk. His current site was made on weebly and I didn't see it as a concurrent web app/site. I explained this to him and I guess he felt my passion because I honestly feel that the web is evolving to do some powerful things! like UnrealEngine -> HTML5... (WebGL ftw) but any ways; I had my first gig and I'm happy to say this project is almost done! I had moments where I thought "Fuck, This is hard", "I'm being depended upon by a men much older with more business experience than I and he is trusting me to put his company's face on the internet!", "How do I even begin?",... etc, Google, perseverance, and a little bit of intuition; follow your gut! 

 I want to establish a web dev consultation firm in Miami! I like speaking with people and hearing their ideas and I don't enjoy working in confined spaces so moving around is preferable. But thats just me; I enjoy sitting in public places to get work done. I trust that one day Miami's tech scene will boom and instead of doing internships elsewhere. I'm developing my skills on my own time while I finish school by practicing JavaScript as much as possible, learning frameworks, (sailsjs, google's web-starter-kit, angularjs, etc), getting to know the NodeJs platform and its intentions... the internet is quite the place to learn and should be taken advantage of!

  If you are persistent in your craft, you'll eventually "get it". Stuff will just sink in, but it is not easy! I've done fairly well in maths and programming courses (Nothing lower than a B) but understanding how these Node JS frameworks work, fundamentally speaking, has been a bittersweet journey.

Keep at it!
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