I wanted to share my story with you. In the comments. <3 Please share if you want to and feel comfortable.

I never planned to make a point of "coming out" as aroace. I've never liked people that way, I've never been attracted to anyone. I know my family has always assumed I'm gay because I don't date. I had been SUPER anxious about not being in a relationship like my siblings (married + babies). Then I was in the hospital and feeling ridiculously anxious because the person I was a grown adult and the only person I had to help me was my mom & I felt like everyone was judging me for it.

Anywho, so basically I was on shit tons of pain meds and just like...blurted everything out to my mom. Yup. She was actually really understanding and nice about it, I knew she probably wouldn't have ever heard of that before and worried she would just think I was making that up or going through a phase. But instead she just asked some genuine questions about it and was very accepting. That said, there are still family I would absolutely not tell because they would not take me seriously and downright mock/harass me about it for sure.

I really hadn't been feeling "enough" just being me- even though I'm happy with my single life and not having a partner, I just felt like everyone else didn't think I was worthy. I was always going to be the childless- and single- kid. Always to be treated like a child simply because I never "grew up and settled down like normal people". And that anxiety is still a struggle sometimes, but not nearly as bad now, especially after my mom and I had that talk and she know that and why relationships will never be for me. Now I am just so grateful I have learned there are words for what I am, other people like me, have come to accept who I am and don't have to feel like I need to force myself to be in a relationship I don't even want- or feel guilty for not being in relationships I don't even want.

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