Well, hot damn. FW22 Release is LIVE.

I don’t think the Alpha Parka is new for FW’22, but I haven’t seen it available in a while. I recently luckily snagged a Ceres SV at a nicely discounted price as one of the last available new pieces of it that I’ve come across.

I’m just wondering how the Alpha Parka compares to the Ceres SV? Was the Alpha Parka revised at all since its first inception?

Wife and I are traveling to Akureyri Iceland in late fall and plan to do quite a bit of late night Aurora hunting. Next week the temperatures are already falling to the low teens F as that part of Iceland has much more of a typical polar climate, and as someone who runs a bit cold I’m glad to have a very warm piece considering going out late at night to find and view the aurora is a near completely static activity.

Glad to see the Alpha Parka back, regardless. It seems like a very nice continuation of their highest end static warmth parkas.

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