What is better protection than Paragon menu?

Paragon staff absolutely suck. They love muting people and will ban you from paragon if they feel like it. If you have an entirely legitimate reason to report a fellow staff, the whole crew will come at you and side with their co employees.

A message to the Paragon employees. You’re so annoying. People pay more than the actual game for your menu, that’s fine. You can’t have 100+ people in your discord server and expect every single one of them to read announcements.

I really don’t give a flying fuck if you get asked the same questions a lot. It’s literally your ducking job to answer those questions. We’re paying for the menu, we deserve to know a lot more. Like how when there’s an update or when the menu is down, you give no information to save your ass.

I highly advise against Paragon Menu as the staff are BIG jerks. If you’re still here reading this. My account get banned twice by the devs for absolutely no reason. If I go to another staff to ask why, they’ll just say ask the person who banned me. They have no care and can’t run the menu.

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