What kind of car is in this video?

Here's a patch together of stills from the Video: Imgur

I do not know what kind of car this is. I know that the body styling is not that of a Charger. I do believe it is possible to figure out what kind of car it is, but I also believe that to accomplish this means digging through lots of pictures of Cars. Here are some thing that I think are unique about this car, to aid anyone who wants to look through the pictures:

Rounded front nose and headlamp: It has a relatively rounded nose, which I associate with more Euro-ish cars. It's nose is also not extremely long, which means that it is either a midsize or compact car.

A body panel/ accent line flush with the bottom of the headlight.

A significant amount of overlap between the headlamp and the wheel well: This rules out more cars than you would think. For instance the impressa, which has similar accent line, has a headlamp that barely intersects the wheel well ruling out the Impressa.

A long accent line that is parallel to the bottom of the door well: this is probably the most distinguishing feature of this car. The accent line probably extends onto the front and rear corner panels, but it is very appearant that it extends the length of the doors. It also is relatively equidistant from the bottom of the door well. While the door well (and thus the line) probably has a slant from front to back, the accent line is constant. This is probably the most distinguishing feature. This is where I'd start looking, ruling out cars that don't have an accent line.

Probably a sedan: While the video is to low and grainy to spot a door gap or a b pillar, the overall shape and length of the car suggests that it does in fact have four doors. The composite picture doesn't do a good job representing the length between wheels. It is probably longer than the picture represents.

A decent size trunk: suggests a midsize or (less likely) compact class of car.

Bright taillights as compared to headlights: suggest LED style taillights.

Three cars that I think this might be are a 2010-ish Impressa (see above) A 2007-ish VW passat (right line on doors, wrong on trunk) or 2007-ish Audi A4 (trunk length).

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