What white boys and Mexicans want admit.

This is not true unless you're a junkie shitbag and get in the mix, owing debts and such. I did my time my way. Never did dope, didn't drink pruno, and didn't gamble. I worked out and read lots of books. Actually gave my TV to a friend because I never watched it. I started in level 4 and made it down to 3. Was never gang affiliated on the streets or in prison. The only time I was expected to put in work, was if it was a riot situation or helping a white dude if he was getting jumped, or if I was personally disrespected. If you come in acting like a badass, they'll put a piece in your hand and you can prove it. If you come in and mind your own business and avoid all the political talk and shit talking, its pretty easy to do uneventful prison time.

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