What's your hyperfixation at the current moment?

Mines huge. I think I’m trans and my whole life has been a comedy of mis-steps because many people assumed I was a gay, metrosexual type even though I’ve had many straight relationships which were good but always turned because they expected me to be “the man, the boyfriend”.

Now married to a woman for 5 years, I’ve been on HRT for 4 months and haven’t told a soul. All is going well. My sex drive has calmed down to a manageable level, my looks, emotions and skin are improving quite a bit.

I already have the clothes and makeup styles picked out that I will order online eventually. My body is just not ready yet. Changes take years and I’m an expert at boymoding. I’ve been fixated on skin care and female fashion for about a year now. Also male to female timeline changes so I know what to expect.

I’ve always had a bit of a chest but now I don’t resent them. They are starting to round out, I’m probably an A cup but I still just look like a fit dude.

I just got a new job which I very physical so that will keep me in shape. I lost some upper body muscle mass in the first few months of hormones which is making everything heavier to lift.

There is a big thing in the trans community about “coming out” but I’m just going to let nature take its course and keep myself a secret as long as I can.

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