Whose responsible for this $12,000 bill?

Adjuster here. You would be responsible for the building if they are the tenant. Where did the pipe break? Is it multiple levels? How many rooms did it affect for the tenant? Only time storage would be considered is if it affected each room and they’re trying to move the contents out of the way to complete restoration and dry out. Otherwise a restoration company can move contents into unaffected areas… content manipulation is part of the package, but depending upon the circumstances, a packer might not have been needed. Is this restoration company a bigger company or a smaller company? They all follow the same guidelines, however the smaller companies typically try to charge for things that weren’t required with very little proof.

Unsure of how to proceed with your current situation because the tenant should not have been able to make any decisions without informing you. The restoration company should have worked with the owner. You might need to seek assistance for that.

Per the insurance side, as long as it was a covered loss under the policy, there at least should be some coverage. Are they willing to provide any and just not the full bill? Typically your policy as a landlord will have extremely limited coverage for contents

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