Most people seem to be upset because of miscommunication.

IMVU can steal my art?? IMVU is stealing my art!!

The line about IMVU being allowed to steal art was made up, according to Dragoneer, and it's a line that's in a lot of TOSes. All it means is that you give permission for a site to display your artwork. You know, so the site actually functions. Otherwise you'd be the only one to ever see it, and it wouldn't be a community. It doesn't say they have permission to blatantly rip off your art and post it somewhere else. As for the furry art that is currently on IMVU, it was stolen by its users, not IMVU specifically, and it was probably there for years. You're only just finding out about it now because you didn't know IMVU was a thing before.

IMVU makes you jump through way too many hoops to remove art!

...The artist has to do a DMCA notice, like pretty much every other site ever to take down stuff. If it weren't that way, then anyone could take down anything, even if they didn't own the thing they wanted someone else to take down. And that's stupid. I feel like anyone who complains about this either isn't an artist or has never once tried to report art theft correctly before.

Dragoneer should've run the decision through us first!! I can't believe this!

Dragoneer doesn't have to do shit. It's his website and you have the privilege of using it. It may not have been NICE or SMART to not tell anyone, but don't think you have rights to this decision; the site was never a democratic one.

Dragoneer only told us about this 2 months after it happened!!

It's more likely that Dragoneer accepted an offer and it took 2 months to actually figure out what the terms of sale were going to be. So in that way, they only announced the sale when it was finalized. Which makes sense because look at how furries are reacting...

Dragoneer ran off with 10k! Remember those donations?!

I'm too lazy to link you, but Dragoneer has tweeted that he doesn't have access to the money. He has also mentioned in update journals that the money went to buy equipment. Also, on some other reddit thread talking about this stuff, 10k wasn't much money anyway. So tl;dr No he didn't.

Take back FA!!

It's not going to happen. Just move to another site. Is Dragoneer an idiot? Probably. But the battle is over. We've lost. The faster you accept it and move on the faster the fandom can become unified again.

tl;dr, furries gonna drama.


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