Hi, I'm Max Landis. AMA.

I don't do Reddit, but if there's a possibility to ask you questions without sounding like a stalker/dork, then fine.

I love how the pattern of your videos have always been inclined towards the things that you're extremely excited about, and how you always want that next thing that you're about to say to carry a different color of weight. Having said that...

[b]Q: What do you think is the next thing in your life aside from comics and WWE that you find yourself immersed in and really excited about?][/b]

Imagine you're already looking for this as your subject for the next video, in between taking breathers from the almost physical exertion of holding back your excitement over the movies coming out soon... But just wondering myself.

And because of self-indulgence and naievete, in case someone hasn't asked, and also because I feel like it would be a good possible subject for your next film:

[b]Q: Have you read/watched manga/anime, and how do you feel about it?[/b]

I love American comics as much as the next guy, but I personally feel like manga/anime are something akin to what WWE would be like if you mashed it into a comic. There are a lot of places you can go with manga that you can't go in an American comic without looking strange and dubious. There's a sense of "there are so many of these that only a few are good, but when they're good, they're fucking great". And at the same time, there are a lot of compelling decisions made in ridiculous situations that illustrate humanity and the twisted but strong nature of it, and what we would do in certain situations versus what actually happens, occasionally supported by slapstick humor.

idk. I'll stop ranting now. considers myself an extremely non-famous Max Landis of manga/anime that wishes he could make videos, if only on the level of excitement and mental imagery supported by completely abstract diagrams

(If you're not experienced in manga/anime, but want to really get into it and look through different things in terms of getting to the good stuff, rough good start would be Attack on Titan, No Game No Life, Assassination Classroom. I'm sort of biased on a few, but these are quite based in the characters and the decisions they make and an embracing of impossible situations to reveal interesting parts of a character. A LOT OF IT IS RIDICULOUS AND QUITE OCCASIONALLY PERVERTED IN THE LATTER TWO. But much like wrestling, it's looking past the usual "fanservice" to the heart that's presented to understand what's being conveyed.)

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