Will Smith canceled?

I know people hate him and are so emotional about the slap but i’ll say studios will be weighing his stuff to see if he’s worth keeping. And if you look at his follower count, you’ll see how many people still will watch his stuff. I dont follow him but i saw his instagram a week ago and he has like 50 million followers? Chris rock only has 5 million. I think chris may have told will about his planned joke before, and will got angry and threatened him. Then, chris decided to say it, anyway. Still, Everybody is still talking about this? The people that hate will smith need to just admit they hated him before the weak sissy slap. Stop acting like this slap was worse than ww2! Lol. Crimes against humanity! Lol. Like Will Smith ran a concentration camp?! He slapped chris rock. Would’ve been hilarious if chris slapped him, back. But whatever! It was the best part of the show. I dont agree with it. I wouldn’t even do that and I’m sometimes really aggressive and angry. But people need to move on with things. I’m still going to watch bad boys 2. Lol. And Wild Wild west is actually great in a corny way. Lol. You can hate will smith but please stop acting like this sucker slap was the reason. Lol. His haters hated him way before. Just annoying people are acting so outraged by the slap. No, im not sympathizing for will, but I think people need to stop being so emotional. If you hate will, be honest about why. The slap is why people hate him?

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