(WIP) Spiral Mountain

  1. Actually no I used banjos backpack and ripped the maps myself
  2. I've scoured the internet you really cant find all of the maps online as easy as you're trying to make it sound
  3. Even if I did download the map online it would never just port into unreal engine (I need to convert the file, then place it into the unreal engine folder in the system folder and import it that way not as simple as "file > import"
  4. I have posted that link on "Your" subreddit once. I'm not really frightened by your threats if you wanna remove me because you dont like me. Cool. Do it. Just know I am a huge banjo kazooie fan I truly want to do something cool for the community but I am only one person of course a project this size won't work by myself without any kind of funding and or support. If you make models why couldn't you offer help? Do you just make them to post to those websites you mentioned earlier or do you just do them to look back and say hey I did that? Instead of trying to find every reason to criticize me at every turn you should be trying to help me. For the fandom. Even if this project goes to shit worst case we can have high quality maps and character files for other people to utilize.
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