To yall complaining about getting stomped online in your first 5 matches and then never touch the game again

It's honestly baffling how little fighting games draw from arcades, despite being mutual definers of one another. When you open DotA 2, you're put into basically a Discord channel for your local region/area/town, depending on country size. Imagine the same on your SFV main menu with a bunch of open lobbies above the chat only showing name, character, and difficulty.

That way, in the chat, you can both become a regular with others as well as easily manage matches with them. In that sense, given you're likely only gonna be 5-50 online at a time, you get some kind of consistency, which automatically will lead to either feedback or some kind of measure of your own improvements.

As now, you win or you lose, and personally may feel a sense of progression, but then you face an upset and lose all faith and drop the game. But now you got investment in your local area and its players. You wouldn't just quit over one shit game. At worst you'd rage in chat and get back into it.

Community dominate these days, yet we only get more and more options for anonymity, yet also not enough. I don't mind losing, I do mind having the option of rematch and having to take a stance on my loss; not just be able to play against basically a nameless bot that actually may or may not be a bot. I don't mind losing 1v1 in DotA either, but the chat, name, avatar, cosmetics, all of it plays into the rage i derive from it. If anything, fighting games should be the one game to make the experience as frictionless as possible. Remove names, add a bot now and then, no chat no rematch, maybe shuffle costumes.

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