Do I have your attention?

My reasoning to get rewards from you selling your team off dates back to the 1500s with Leonardo da Vinci. You see, he has a very vast amount of works considering he was a major figure in multiple fields of study and entertainment. One of his most important works is that of which its use has never been able to be deciphered. Looking through the blueprints, I was able to notice that the words on the scroll were not in his signature mirrored, upside down Latin, but rather in an even more difficult language to decipher, Yiddish-Afro Aramaic. There are only 3 native speakers of Yiddish-Afro Aramaic left in the world, and I happen to be one. After many years of reading carefully through the the whole blueprint, as da Vinci was known to hide multiple parts of his works in smaller prints on his works, I realized I had to look at the works of Sir Isaac Newton to figure out just what da Vinci was planning.

Now, Newton's works were easier to understand as they were written in Old English, which is considerably easier than Yiddish-Afro Aramaic to read. Newton stated that he had cracked da Vinci's code, and that he would write a thesis on what he had discovered. Unfortunately, this thesis was lost, and only discovered again in the mid 1900s by Louis Leaky when he had discovered the bones of the hominid he called Lucy.

Lucy is a fossilized creature that dates back to approximately 2.6 million years ago. How Newton's thesis ended up with her bones is still a mystery. But, Leaky brought the scroll to the British Museum of Mathematics, seeing as though it was written by Isaac Newton. They told him they would need to keep the thesis to fully understand its meaning. Leaky obliged, and the BMM studied it ferverously for 20 years until it's meaning was figured out.

Newton's thesis stated " It is hither forth known that in the century 21, a young lad will stumble upon a meeting place in which he will learn copious amounts of information. After a month or so of watching what the hierarchy of these humans whom attend these meetings, another human will come along to offer rewards for giving a sublime reasoning as to why he deserves said rewards". This is also what da Vinci had stated in his masterful blueprints. Therefore, I believe I should be given the highest reward you will allocate due to the prophecy of 600 years needing to be fulfilled.

TL;DR: I should get a great reward because Leonardo da Vinci said I would 600 years ago.

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