363 words If a smoker/addict gets amnesia are they still addicted? 122 words If a smoker/addict gets amnesia are they still addicted? 127 words How is a mute supposed to defend themselves when being forcefully arrested? 159 words If you become rich and famous, what kind of skeletons in your closet should you be worried about? And what can you do to limit this happening? 185 words How does evolution work? I know that it took a lot of decades for the apes to stand erect but how did one generation of apes trying to stand erect affect the next generation? 147 words Is the United States actually the “laughing stock” of the world? 173 words Why is the drinking age in USA so high? 117 words Why are most programmers really bad at explaining programming to beginners? 155 words How can some people be so hateful/spiteful towards others? 141 words Why should I care about my data being sold? 165 words What would happen if Boden became incapacitated before January 2021? 112 words How attractive do you have to be to get a gf? 116 words Does anyone else get really panicky when they see a video of a fish being taken out of water because all you can imagine is they feel like they’re suffocating from breathing in the air?! 141 words Should African Americans in the United States received reparations for slavery? 190 words Does anyone else find it ridiculously awkward opening birthday or Christmas presents infront of people? I worry my face isnt showing enough gratitude 168 words If I bought a pack of morning glory seeds at a garden center and ate them would I hallucinate? 146 words What exactly are Judeo-Christian values and are they effective or necessary for a modern society? 120 words What's better in terms of reliability and value for your money: Toyota or Gmc? 162 words Despite being a multi cultural, highly developed country, why a large part of US is still very racist? 342 words Where would Jesus fall on the political spectrum / political compass?