108 words Why do trans women look attractive? 188 words Why does facial symmetry/attractiveness seem to have a positive correlation with athleticism and good coordination? 225 words is it weird that i spend most of my days going to malls to spot girls visible panty lines and potential thong slips? 224 words Why is American higher education seen as the world's gold standard yet American secondary education is viewed so poorly? 153 words If all women love tall guys, then why aren't all humans 7 feet tall by now? 207 words If weed isn’t addictive, then why do so many people depend on THC consumption to complete simple daily tasks, and simply just go about their days? 213 words Why do American shooters mostly seem to target schools and the like rather than political institutions? Wouldn't that make them more famous if they want recognition seeing as no one else seems to have done it? 368 words Is there anything Americans can do when most all of their politicians are corrupt? 136 words Why isnt USD currency "pretty"? 163 words My greatest fear in life is becoming an amputee or being physically disabled. Is there anything I can do to legally prevent people from rescuing me in the event I get into a car accident, bacterial meningitis, or anything that could result in the above? 153 words Why don't people believe in climate change 135 words At what ideal age should I move out of my parents apartment? 330 words Why is being smart so frowned upon? 199 words Why are sex offenders obligated to inform their neighbors about their crimes, but not murderers or kidnappers? 132 words what would happen if the most powerful people in the world are women? Forbes top 100 were women, president of usa is woman, warren buffet is woman. Apple's ceo is a woman. All fortune 500 were run by women? Because currently they are not... 142 words Applying for foodstamps, what does my "household" constitute? Live with one roommate, split bills but do not buy food together. 155 words How long does the heart continue to beat after decapitation? 126 words Can I talk to a therapist about the fact that I enjoyed hurting someone? 211 words Does no one else find heeled shoes and boots annoying at work, is it poor etiquette to not try and minimize the clonking? 184 words To the very religious people here, how do you keep faith in something that has no proof that it exists?