154 words According to Christianity, if you don't believe in God because you were never introduced to the religion, you won't go to hell. Wouldn't this mean spreading Christianity just puts more people at risk of being sent there? 195 words This idea that companies deliberately set money on fire to claim losses on taxes 119 words why is it important for capital pumishment to be "humane"? 227 words Is it possible/legal to have no federal and state withholding tax through out the year and pay it im full come tax time? 231 words Is my mom toxic or manipulative? 219 words Why are their legal protections for handicapped parking spots but not for handicapped bathroom stalls? 131 words If Fox news is geared towards an older generation, how will it survive in the coming decades? 127 words What is the difference between Cleopatra, Hamilton, Hermione, and the Little Mermaid? 106 words Does anyone else feel like the world/life stopped being good in approx 2017 and the worlds become a very different place since? 154 words do women feel milk coming out of their breasts like how guys feel pee coming out of their penis? 144 words do women feel milk coming out of their breasts like how guys feel pee coming out of their penis? 109 words Why do Christians express at funerals/wakes that their loved one is with God now if the bible says no one is in heaven until the Rapture? 137 words What are cookies on a website? 143 words I just ate an entire 13 oz bottle of Nutella. Will I be OK? 556 words If it will be progressively developed, will ChatGPT some day gain consciousness or will it eventually hit the wall before that moment because of how this technology is designed and artificial conciousness will rather be achieved through completely other technological ways? 211 words Do women really view every man they don't know as a threat? 142 words What is a “woman”? What is a “man”? 131 words Is there like a good reason/argument as to why felons can’t vote? 128 words Americans seem to be very active surrounding home safety, personal protection, etc. and most gun owners do so to mitigate the risk of ‘an intruder’. Is that really such a threat in America, or is it just quite a paranoid culture? 117 words Why has "victim mentality" become so common in recent years?