241 words Does anybody else hate how the Internet now feels like 7 major websites which are all interconnected, whereas it used to feel like a vast place with something new around every corner? 224 words Does anyone else occasionally skip songs in a playlist, not because you don't like the song, but because you don't currently want to feel the emotion that the song brings back? 131 words If the devil was able to rebel against God in heaven, can humans do the same when they reach heaven in Christianity? 165 words Why do people where shoes inside of the house? 204 words Why are people acting like social media deleting posts and banning accounts is censoring and an attack on the freedom of speech? 163 words Why do lower income people spend so much on expensive things? 231 words What is it like to be rich? 173 words Who exactly are modern gypsies and why do they have such a bad rep? 164 words Did you guys sing songs about killing Barney in school, too? Is this phenomena passed down knowledge or spawns naturally in kids? 203 words How much are the bills and what is the upkeep for a getaway cabin/lake house/villa/etc? 141 words How does the system of systematic racism work in the US? 183 words Whitewashing a character is not okay and considered racist by some, but blackwashing characters isn't? 135 words How did My little pony get so popular over the last decade and why is it's audience is mostly made out of grown men? 200 words Why are most american men circumcised? 163 words How can so many games have absolutely glaring bugs on release? 114 words Why am I all of the sudden getting a ridiculous number of spam/telemarketer calls multiple times per day? 117 words Why do I get downvoted when I ask questions because I don't understand something? 119 words Is there something that list ingredients for meals by "healthy-ness" per price? If not what are the best one? 226 words Do people actually “accidentally” cheat when they’re drunk or do they just use that as justification? 146 words Am I the only one annoyed that the right and far right have co-opted the words "freedom" and "liberty"?