do women feel milk coming out of their breasts like how guys feel pee coming out of their penis?

I am a woman and this is a very non-descriptive and nonhelpful answer of what it feels like to have milk released.

I will never have kids. But, I can relate to other common women experiences like; that feeling women have of "gush" on accident and needing to check if you're on your period, or "leak" when you ARE on your period and can tell that your blood flow may stain your pants.

I'm sorry to be critical, but you comment about your experience is a bad description! And that is what this post is about! You give no information of what it's like to milk, so anyone without the knowledge like me [another not-breastfeeding woman] or a man - can't really get it.

What is a LET DOWN, why is it intense? Like. I can assume what you mean, but assuming = bad description.

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