Is my mom toxic or manipulative?

She's legitimately mentally ill and a control freak. She belongs in prison for the locator thing alone.

While yeah it's smart to not have Social Media, that's a solution you should come to yourself.

She's genuinely ill. Like I don't like control freaks as it is, but what you've describe goes way beyond that. I know it's not gonna be possible to take her to a therapist, but you need to do something. Call the cops if you have too.

You shouldn't have to be forced to live by someone's else mental illness dictating you life. She's your mother, her job is to house you, feed you and clothe you. That's it. That's the extent of her role in your life. If you choose to extent love to her in return that's your choice.

But that's seperate. She's clearly not well. Normal people don't act that extreme and it's making your life suffer for it. Document every single peice of abuse - because all of it is abuse - and go to the Cops. If she refuses mental help and potentially living in Hospital for awhile, then get her arrested.

Just because she's not well doesn't mean she has the right to make you suffer. End of. You're a person. You have a life. She's wasting it with her abusive bullshit, even if it's illness. That's an explanation, not an excuse.

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