133 words Since writing poems keeps loneliness at bay, I'll be writing personalised poems for anyone who wants... 196 words What's the one thing your parents/relatives did which broke you. 168 words I would have saved alot if i haven't installed zomato ? i made a Blunder and i regret it. 308 words Man to Man conversation 200 words Why is 'Love Jihad' a thing only after 2014? 131 words What do you think India will be like post-Modi? 233 words Married women of India, how do you ask your partner to go downtown? 138 words Being a Woman is Easy. What do you Think? 161 words Guys, Let's just reserve 100% of the seats for the reserved categories 129 words Make them laugh: India’s Dalit comics challenge caste, one joke at a time 126 words I lost my best friend to suicide today. Please take mental health seriously. 262 words Dear Indian women looking to settle down and get married, what do you find attractive in a partner? 215 words Honest opinion - any of y'all left India in search of better opportunities in the UK / US / Canada / Australia and are now regretting your decision? What's your story? 272 words Fellow Indians, would you marry someone who doesn't speak your native tongue? Why/Why not? 228 words Why do some Indian men think that women have it easier?? Stop exaggerating the differences between men and women!! 139 words Troubles in marriage , feeling stuck with my wife. 287 words Places to visit in Mumbai 235 words Friend is suicidal and I don't know how to help 231 words My ex chose someone younger, outgoing and extrovert over me and now I'm really down mentally thinking I'll always be a miserable loner. 388 words There is nothing in our education system against rape and harassment