Can Congress/UPA alliance repeat 2004 in 2024 ?

No. BJP won't lose. But it will do worse than 2019.. Unless they bring in something big. Ram mandir in early 2024 will certainly bring a hindutva boost and push towards the BJP. In 2004, BJP was weaker than it is today. Although Vajpayee was a great statesman, he was not even in the vicinity of the modi-shah political prowess. We need to give credit where it is due. They take every election seriously. Current BJP is an excellent well oiled political war machine with enormous enormous amounts of money to dispose. What the opposition needs is a better leader. Rahul Gandhi is a very good person at heart. But he is a poor politician lacking the shrewdness needed for one. What the opposition needs to do is either not project any leader, which imo will not work as modi is forcing the opposition to play the modi vs who game. The second alternative is for everyone to unite under someone like mamta banerjee or sharad pawar or nitish kumar who frankly have much more political acumen than Rahul Gandhi.

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