114 words In Bloodless Bullfighting(also known as "Pega" in Portugal), the Matador sticks bandarilhas on a velcro square tied to the bull instead of stabbing his back and shoulders, allowing people to appreciate the spectacle without injuring nor costing the bull's life. 202 words A water bottle at 14,000 feet, 9,000 feet, and 1,000 feet being crushed due to increasing atmospheric pressure. 134 words Banksy crashes Venice art exposition with Venice in oil 106 words Gripper that lets you pick up stuff efficiently 128 words That hand switch behind the back would leave even Jedi silent (credit: Michelle Smith) 250 words Camels take shelter by an abandoned boat in what once was the Aral sea 215 words These 3 Jewish men arrived in Auschwitz on the same day, & were tattooed 10 numbers apart. 73 years later, @sandibachom photographed them meeting for the first time for the Last Eyewitness Project, as free men who survived to build families and prosperous lives. 329 words The brutal power of a bull 141 words The first and only existing photo of Chernobyl on the morning of the nuclear accident 33 years ago today – April 26, 1986. The heavy grain is due to the huge amount of radiation in the air that began to destroy the camera film the second it was exposed for this photo. 136 words This picture is designed to give the viewer the simulated experience of having a stroke (particularly in the occipital lobe of the cerebral cortex, where visual perception occurs.) Everything looks hauntingly familiar but you just can't quite recognize anything. 154 words Anti poachers guarding the gorillas selfie 108 words I inherited this handmade gold ring after my father passed...my mom told me it's been passed through the family for 400 years...ive never known what it says nor did he 123 words This is what an Igloo looks like when you build a fire inside. The fire inside melts the inner layer of ice, and the cold outside refreezes it adding a layer of insulation that can keep the igloo at 60° inside while it's -50° outside. 325 words How robots are used in film production 120 words This is what a lethal dose of fentanyl looks like. 128 words Giant Animals throughout history 380 words A record 4,855 people stood in the rain for hours to see if they are a stem cell match for this 5 year old boy that is battling a rare type of cancer, in hope to save his life. 189 words During World War II, it was common for soldiers to keep family photos under clear grips on their 1911 pistols. They were called “Sweetheart Grips.” 131 words This is a Formosan clouded leopard from Taiwan, it thought to be extinct until this picture was captured this week. The last time it was seen was 1983 176 words Sperm whales (the largest toothed predators on Earth) do not have teeth in their upper jaw but sockets that their lower teeth fit into. Interestingly its bite isn't that strong and it tends to swallow its squid diet whole.