[2022/06/17] 4 charged in Salt Lake home invasion that left 1 intruder dead (Salt Lake, UT)

I do agree. If people were allowed to straight up gun someone down for some fucking low life shit even stealing. I bet it would not stop but It sure as shit would lower.

The countries that cut people's hands off for theft, have a much much much lower rate of theft. And the ones who do are in severe desperation.

Fear is a powerful deterrent. Real fear that is. Some of us may be afraid to go to jail or spend the night in lock up for a small crime. But many do not so they will not think of it when they are about to do said things. So they will just break your car window and take what they want. I wish we allowed actual punishment for crimes. There is too much of a conflict of interest when it comes to punishments. Fines pay courts. Of course they wanna let you out to make you do more shit to pay more fines etc.

Courts, politics and the stock market are the literally most conflict of interest aspects of anything in human history lmao. They make the rules and win with them and of course the rules are all in their favor.

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