2050 FA Export/UFA Thread

Charlotte offers Walker Farmer 3yrs 22.5M + PO (1st priority). Walker, you're arguably the best young talent in the league. We think you ARE the best young talent in the league and we are honored to even get to talk with you and make you an offer in FA. As you know our team finally made the playoffs after a long drought. It's time for Charlotte to become a contender and we need you to make that happen. If you look at our team you see a lot of young talent and young potential, but we need someone who can help us make the jump now. We think you and Ahmad together would instantly become the best front court in the entire league and could help us dominate in the East during the regular season and throughout the playoffs. As we said it's been an honor just to get the chance to sit down with you and we hope you will consider our offer and consider joining what we are trying to build here in Charlotte.

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