Ocasio-Cortez: If US Has $5.7 Billion for Trump's Border Wall, What About Education, Healthcare, and Green Jobs?

Maybe, and here's a thought, walls work for Israel because it doesn't run nearly as long as the Mexican American border.

We also have 37x the population of Israel and 45x the GDP. It's only a matter of scaling up, and again, the wall doesn't need to be nearly as effective as the one in Israel, it only needs to stop enough illegals to pay for itself.

Think about how much harder it is to patrol a border that is half desert

The desert makes it even better, providing a first layer of defense where the wall would be the second.

I really, really hope you're not just making that number up. At least give something for me to believe what you're saying is true.

Well, since you're the one claiming it's completely ineffective, what percent of the total will successfully make it over using ladders and ropes? 30% is a conservative number from me, and even then, the wall would pay for itself.

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